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ST john villa rentals
Vieques Island is a dream come true for those who are searching for quiet beaches with an enticing bay, surrounded by a simple, natural environment for activities such as fishing and snorkeling. It is only 6 miles off the east coast of Puerto Rico and is relatively unknown compared to other Caribbean islands. Vieques villa rentals are fairly easy to explore and view online in order to find exactly what you are looking for in your vacation destination.

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Vieques is approximately 21 miles long and only 5 miles wide at its widest point. Inhabited by about 9,000 Spanish-speaking residents, they reside mostly in the central portion in the city of Isabel Segunda. Other communities exist along the north coast or in Esperanza, a small fishing village on the southern coast. One will immediately notice the inviting presence of the community in Vieques and the casual lifestyle that prevails on the island.

While staying in your Vieques villa rental, there is so much to partake in besides just relaxing on the beach. You can enjoy the turquoise waters of the surroundings by getting a boat for the day and taking a tour around the island. For those who prefer to stay on land, enjoying time for yourself being pampered at a day spa could never be better. Nature tours are also accessible in Vieques either by horseback or on bicycle as well as having a partially restored Spanish fort and museum available for exploration for the historian in your family. For the shopper in your midst, there are a number of local shops and art galleries to purchase those one-of-a-kind paintings or pottery.
Vieques villa rentals are not hard to find when searching online through real-estate property management companies or from individual owners themselves. You can choose a reputable company to arrange your vacation villa or if you prefer to rent a permanent home from a resident of the island, just remember to respect the customs and distinctions of each property when spending your holiday time in someone else’s home.

Depending on your budget, what size of villa you are looking for, and where you would like to stay on the island, there are a wide variety of destinations to decide from. El Pilon, Destino, and Esperanza are just a few of the top spots when looking at villas to rent. You will be sure to find a place to suit your needs during your vacation in Vieques.
Each villa comes with its own separate amenities depending on the owners. Keep in mind what you are looking for during your stay and you will not be disappointed when you settle on your vacation villa. These villas available can include many options such as:
•    Car for rental during your stay
•    Flexible schedules for booking your holiday stay
•    Laundry facilities
Remember that finding the perfect Vieques villa rental should not be a stressful process for you. If you are finding it difficult to wade through the specifications and locations yourself, be sure to enlist a property management firm in order to do your local searching for you.

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